Why do some dentists, chiropractors, physical therapists, massage businesses, acupuncturists or other wellness practitioners charge 50-100% more than their industry norm?
Are they just better skilled, better marketers, more persuasive personalities, or something else?
Imagine earning 10%, 20%, 50% more per client/patient transaction…
Does this excite you, does it feel good, or do you notice yourself within saying you’re just fine and good where you’re at?
If you could be just as busy, or even busier, and actually charge more, would you?
How is your relationship to money, to abundance, more financial success?
Many wellness practitioners who crave success unfortunately get their pricing strategy wrong, sometimes even living and dying by low rates.
Do you want to be industry norm, or do you want to escape common rates and fees and thrive so you not only support your family but retire at a decent age?
The most successful wellness practitioners and businesses typically avoid competing on price, because when you do there’s only 1 direction to go, down.
How does 1 doc or therapist on 1 corner charge 50% more than another catty corner?
These are important questions to ask, and important marketing “secrets” to know, as they are often the basis for creating and manifesting abundance in your business.
Not that everything is about just money at all, after all you’re a wellness provider, a healer, and in the profession to help and serve people.
However, you need and deserve to create lots of abundance for you and your family too!
So pay attention…
Often the least successful wellness practitioners and businesses are sitting around focusing on how they can book up or sell the most products, services, treatments, gift certificates at the lowest price, in order to be busy.
The successful ones constantly strategize how they can maximize the value of every clients and patient, and sell at the highest rates and price…
Do you compete on price?
You can always discount, so why not raise your rates, charge a premium, offer upsells and add ons, offer a VIP or premium service, or continuity program?
There are so many ways to do this and create more abundance in your life!
At the very least, whether you’re in private practice or have 100 clinics, constantly striving for greater credibility, trust, and AUTHORITY in the eyes of your patients/clients is your key to great success.
What are some ways you establish yourself with greater authority and credibility, in order to be more price resistant?

Michael’s interest in health and wellness goes back to his childhood. He grew up loving sports and played a lot of different ones, including baseball, soccer and gymnastics, and basketball was his favorite. Until the day he woke up with excruciating pain in his low back.

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