About Michael Greenspan, NMT


Michael’s interest in health and wellness goes back to his childhood. He grew up loving sports and played a lot of different ones, including baseball, soccer and gymnastics, and basketball was his favorite. Until the day he woke up with excruciating pain in his low back.


After learning he had a spinal fracture, he made the rounds of specialists. But some treatments caused the pain to flare up like a hornet’s nest. Some doctors recommended fusing the spine, which luckily Michael resisted.


It wasn’t until years later that he discovered the magical relief of neuromuscular soft-tissue therapy.


Michael enrolled in the University of Colorado at Boulder and majored in Kinesiology/Exercise Physiology with the intention of becoming a doctor. But his passion became the muscular-skeletal system, Michael didn’t want to prescribe pills or send people off to have surgery, so he simultaneously enrolled in a second school where he studied soft-tissue manipulation and specialized in neuromuscular therapy.


He got his start in a small space and worked long and hard to grow his business. Michael went from a struggling private practice in 1994 to a successful one, and then a multi-million dollar clinic owner with more than forty world-class therapists on staff today doing 2000+ treatments a month.


Michael’s mission remains to provide the most advanced, evidence-based treatments for serious pain relief without resorting to surgery or pharmaceuticals. He is also an author and wellness business consultant, and has become a mentor to the greater health and wellness community. His greatest joy is being of service. Now more than ever, Michael wants to help others achieve their wellness career goals and find the financial freedom and security they desire.


He has written a book on the subject and frequently gives talks on wellness and the practical side of running a health-related business. As time permits, he works with a select number of clients. Michael coaches wellness practitioners around the country and the world, supporting them in realizing their dream business.