How to Get a Flood of New Clients and Patients and CRUSH Your Business Using “Reason Why” Marketing!

A clinic owner asked me yesterday about how much discount to give local residents (she relies more on tourists), and a valid concern of giving too much discount, and them getting too used to the discount….

This is why you may want to consider more “Reason Why” marketing, basically just attaching any good old reason like a holiday, event, etc, to your special discount. This way, you are making it super clear its a limited time offer that ends on a very specific date, so there’s zero animosity from clients when the price goes up after.

This allows you to CONSTANTLY do the #1 most important thing in marketing, which is nurturing and taking care of your list, and contacting them regularly, so you remain in top of their minds without any “competition” able to snatch them away.

“Reason why” marketing allows you to contact them for any reason in the world, so it makes sense in your clients minds without feeling too “salesy” or pushy…

This doesn’t mean you are offering promos and discount every time you contact them, it just give you a “reason why” to contact them and remain top of mind.

Some good “reasons why” coming up are Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Holidays, Xmas, New Years, Election Relief, etc… Be creative, and you have tons of “reasons why” to consistently nurture your clients! 

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Finding this info useful? 

PS: Even if you are booked in private practice, its still very important to do the above…

? It continuously creates and builds your credibility , authority, and trust,

? Increases new client referrals, re-activates past clients, grows your waiting list

? Allows you to increase your rates to what you want, work the exact days and times you wants, so you truly do build the business of your dreams!

Michael’s interest in health and wellness goes back to his childhood. He grew up loving sports and played a lot of different ones, including baseball, soccer and gymnastics, and basketball was his favorite. Until the day he woke up with excruciating pain in his low back.

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